Green Product Seal

Leaf Defier® Receives Green Buildings Review Product Seal

Awarded by the Team of Accredited Green Buildings Professionals

MOONACHIE, NEW JERSEY (October 28, 2009)

Leaf Defier Is Green Building CertifiedThe seal was awarded after accredited Green Buildings professionals performed a benchmark analysis that determined “Leaf Defier meets several criteria that are important aspects of accepted green building principles and, as such, may be considered applicable to high-performance building.”

In addition, the evaluation process found that “by helping to reduce clogged gutters, reducing or eliminating standing water and improving water flow through the gutter system, Leaf Defier may provide a critical line of defense against foundation failure and other quality issues that may be caused by moisture problems in buildings.” Other findings revealed that the product may:

  • Improve building durability and reduce waste
  • Reduce maintenance as compared with conventional, non-treated gutters
  • Improve environmental quality by maximizing consistent water flow controlling moisture
  • Eliminate moisture penetration to the building envelope
  • Eliminate leaks and/or blockages that may prevent the free flow of water in gutters
  • Reduce storm water runoff and the amount of water that leave sites for sewer systems

“There’s a big emphasis on using Green materials in construction, renovation and building maintenance projects across the country, and we’re proud to say that professionals can install Leaf Defier as part of their own green initiatives,” said Tim Croll, Leaf Defier’s director of strategic sales.

Over the past few years, Leaf Defier has become a leading method for safeguarding gutters and offering proven mosquito vector control. In fact, findings also noted Leaf Defier’s ability to “obviate the need for pesticide treatments to reduce mosquito infestation by eliminating standing water and debris in gutters which may be a source of insect breeding.”

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