Double Hung Windows

K&H Home Solutions specializes in double hung window installation

Single & Double Hung Window Installation in Denver, CO

Double Hung Windows from K&H Home Solutions feature classic styling that has been a well-loved feature of traditional home design for hundreds of years. From country cottages to colonials, double hung windows are a classic style in American architecture. Selected by generations for its charming appeal and traditional lines, our Replacement Double Hung Windows can be customized to your liking.  Choose a Single Hung replacement window as an economical option.

With Double Hung Windows, the sash opens vertically from the top or bottom, offering more ventilation options. Single Hung Windows look similar, but they open only from the bottom.

K&H Home Solutions specializes in double hung window installation

Why are Double Hung Replacement Windows so popular?

Ventilation Control

Because you can adjust both the upper and lower sash of a double hung window, you have various ventilation options.

Ease of cleaning

Our double hung windows have sashes that tilt in so that you may clean the windows from the inside without having to hassle with ladders or long-handled cleaning tools.

Select a model with double or triple panes to save energy and avoid the need for storm windows.


The structural integrity of our hung windows allows for use in severe weather areas.

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