Garden Windows

Garden Windows DenverCreate a Miniature Greenhouse in Your Denver, CO, Home with a Garden Window

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had access to fresh herbs in your kitchen? Do you often think that plant life would help to perk up the interior of your home? Have you tried to incorporate greenery into your kitchen only to find that your plants died before their time? You might just need the extra light provided by a garden window.

Garden windows are like a mini greenhouse combined with a bay window. With three glass walls, garden windows are the perfect way to grow fresh herbs, flowers, or anything else you wish you could bring in from the garden in your Denver, CO, home. Because of this, garden windows are especially popular in kitchens but can be utilized anywhere in the home.

Benefitting from Garden Windows

Besides being able to grow herbs or other plants, there are other positives to owning a garden window that may surprise you, including:


Some homeowners are surprised to find out that most garden windows can still function as regular windows. Usually, the two side panes of a garden window operate like casement windows and can be opened to allow airflow like any other window.

Similar Energy Efficiency to Other Windows

With high-quality window frames and glass, garden windows aren’t less energy efficient than other window styles.

Usable Space

Even though a small garden is the most obvious use of a garden window, the shelf created by them can be used for almost anything. The added utility of a garden window is part of the reason that they often contribute to an increased home value.

Call the Professionals to Install Your Garden Window in Denver, CO

Because garden windows jut out past your home’s frame, quality installation is important. That’s why if you want a garden window for your Denver home, you should turn to the pros at K&H Home Solutions. With over 50 years of experience working with homeowners, we can help ensure that your new garden window gives you years of joy. Plus, like all of our other replacement windows, your garden window will be custom-manufactured to your exact specifications. To find out more or to schedule a consultation at your home, contact K&H Home Solutions today.