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Shingle roofing offers a cost effective solution for homeowners who want reliable property protection year after year. Built for durability, asphalt shingle roofs are among the easiest roofing systems to install, which means lower labor costs for the homeowner. Shingles manufactured by GAF and Owens Corning come in a remarkable range of colors, textures, styles and designs. Because asphalt shingles are also some of the lightest roofing materials on the market, most houses in the country have no problem handling the weight. Versatility, long lasting performance, and cost effectiveness make shingle roofing one of the most popular types of roofing today.

F-Wave® Roofing

F-Wave’s mission is to create the best shingle the world has ever seen. Period. That doesn’t just mean standing up to high-winds, hail, fire, or whatever else Colorado weather has to throw at us. It means looking great while doing it and without the drawbacks and costly upkeep of asphalt shingles, natural wood shingles, and real slate roofing tiles.  The result is a premium upgrade to your roof that is:

  • Class 4 Impact Hail Resistant
  • 130-MPH Wind Rated
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • 50-Year Standard Product Limited Warranty
  • Exclusive 5-Year Hail Coverage

K&H Home Solutions can repair or replace your roof when it has been damaged by hail.

Hail Damage

Most hail damage is not obvious to the untrained eye, but looks can be deceiving  Hail that is 1.5 inches in diameter or larger can damage your shingles, siding, windows and gutters. In many cases the visible signs of damage are difficult to spot without a close inspection.  If hail is driven by high winds or the hail storm lasts for more than a few minutes, the potential for your roof to suffer damage increases significantly. Asphalt shingles will suffer dents, bruises and the loss of the protective granules that protect the asphalt from the uv light from the sun accelerating the deterioration of the roof.  Larger hail stones can puncture, fracture and tear the shingles causing more imminent threat of moisture penetrating the roof system. Other factors that make roofs more susceptible to hail damage is colder temperature, unsupported shingles or multiple layers of roofing shingles. Older roofs become more brittle as the shingles harden, thus making the roof less hail resistant.

We also cover snow, ice, and wind damage.

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Euroshield roofing

When it comes to sheer ability to withstand the elements, there is no better protection for your home than a Euroshield roof. Made from 70% recycled tires, it is the world’s first and only factory warranted hail proof roofing material (for the first 20 years it is installed for hail impact damage resulting from hail of any size, followed by 2” diameter hail coverage for the next 30 years). Tested thoroughly with 4” simulated hail to impact speeds of 183mph, the Euroshield roofing panels exhibited no damage after impact! Before you decide on any other product, ask them about their hail warranty.

Roofing Your Home In the Denver, CO, Area is Our Business

With K&H Home Solutions, you can be assured that your home remodeling project will be enjoyable throughout. That includes our thorough roofing construction process. If you’re in the market for a new roof for your Denver, Colorado, home due to age or weather-related damage, K&H Home Solutions has the experienced workers, reputation, and trusted workmanship you can rely on to ensure your new roof is installed perfectly.

Through years of experience and passion for excellence, the team of professionals at K&H has developed an exclusive home remodeling process and strive to deliver a rewarding experience for their customers. Many homeowners have come to expect the nightmare roofing project that is so prevalent in today’s market place. We work hard to change that. By choosing K&H Home Solutions as your contractor, you have taken the first step in joining our family of thousands of happy customers throughout the Colorado Front Range.

The first step is to tear out your old roof. If you’re at home during this process, we realize it’s going to disturb your daily routine. That’s why we strive to be quick and efficient. We also protect your home and surroundings from falling debris to ensure nothing gets damaged by our presence. Our roofing team has years of expertise and the best equipment to ensure we do the job right. We use top-of-the-line roofing materials to ensure your new roof protects your home from the harsh Colorado weather conditions for decades to come.

If you are contemplating whether it’s time to replace the roof on your home in Denver or a surrounding community, give us a call and we’ll walk you through all of the particulars and determine if a new roof is right for you. If you’ve got an insurance claim, we can work directly with your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Here are some helpful tips to make a worry-free process.

Roof Replacement  –  Pre-Construction

If we are installing a roof you’ll need to invest a little time to safeguard your home. There will be vibrations moving through your home as the roof structure is removed and nailed back into place. Vibrations can move items sitting on shelves or fastened to walls and ceiling.

  • Remove items from the walls, including pictures, wall hangings, and any fragile decorations.
  • Remove delicate, breakable and/or valuable items from shelves.
  • Tighten and secure light fixtures, globes, and decorations that are hanging from the ceilings or walls.
  • Move potted plants away from work areas and protect them from falling debris.
  • Keep small children and pets inside or away from the work area at all times.
  • If possible, remove all vehicles from the garage; keep them off the driveway and away from the house. Falling debris may damage or scratch them.
  • Staging Area: Typically, we will be using your driveway as a staging area for our products and materials. Supply trucks will be dropping materials to be stored on your roof. Our debris trailer will be parked on your driveway during the time we are removing your old roof.
  • Disarm all alarms and security systems. The nailing vibration has been known to set them off.
  • Cover any items stored in the attic.
  • Remove any items that may cause a tripping hazard to workers.


  • The crew will need access to electric and water sources.
  • This is a construction area. During the removal and replacement of your roof there will temporarily be nails and other roofing material around your home. PLEASE be cautious!
  • To avoid tire damage, please do not drive your car anywhere near the worksite.
  • When entering or leaving, please exercise caution. Construction material may fall from the roof.

Post Construction

  • Please be sure all gates are closed before you let your pets out. Our work crews will do their best to keep them closed but its best to make sure.
  • We will clean up your property when we finish installing your roof. Thousands of nails and fasteners came off of your roof. We may miss a few so please be cautious.
  • K&H Home Solutions will always practice “Safety First” and has an outstanding record, but mishaps can happen.
  • If you encounter any problems during construction, please feel free to immediately contact our office or your K&H Roofing Specialist.

We will do our best to make you feel like your home remodeling project is our only project.

You Are Our First Priority! Call us today to discuss your roofing project.