Snow and Ice Dams

Snowy climates like Colorado’s can create ice dams on roof. When snow covered roofs are heated from heat leaking through the attic. This along with heat from the sun can melt the snow on your roof. The melting snow runs down to the cold eaves and gutters where it freezes and begins to form a dam along the lower edge of the roof. The barrier or Ice Dam is bad for your roof. Water begins to back up under the shingles and behind the fascia. This will begin to soak through the roofing deck causing damage to the roofing system and attic.

The proper insulating of the attic will go a long way to help the heat from building up in the attic and warming the roof, Effective ventilation of the attic will remove any heat. Installing a water proof shingle underlayment known as ice and water shield will help protect the roofing deck in the event water does penetrate the shingles. Contact K&H Home Solutions to help you solve and ice dam problems.